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EV charger installation is important for anybody who owns an electric car in Thame. Not only does EV home charger installation make it easier to charge up your vehicle on short notice, but it also opens up more options for businesses who want to switch to electric vehicle use.

We can offer excellent EV charger installation services in Thame, including the installation of a brand new charge point that perfectly fits with your chosen electric vehicle.

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Why Choose Us?

We are a specialist EV charger installation team with a wide range of skills under our collective belt. Our experts are trained in the quick, reliable installation of your new electric vehicle charge point, as well as the wiring involved in making it function.

We have worked with countless clients over the years to provide the best possible charge-point installation services, as well as a range of other projects that have benefited our customers. As EV owners, a good EV charger can be the beating heart of electric vehicle usage.

We can provide some of the best electric car charging point options on the market, handling charger installation perfectly and ensuring that your electric vehicle gets an easy way to charge up quickly.


Our past work has seen many home charger installation projects go smoothly, with our expert staff gaining even more charge point installation experience as they develop new ways to speed up the process. All of our clients have walked away satisfied with our work for them.


Home charge points can be a minefield to install yourself, and the hidden costs can quickly ramp up. Our teams can set up your EV charging point in record time, giving you dedicated off-street parking and charging options or adding a new electric car charge point to your business.


We also have staff dedicated to finding the perfect electric car charging point for your needs, ensuring that you get a charge point installation that is compatible with your chosen electric car. For businesses, this is even more important since you might need to accommodate a range of electric cars or vans.

Benefits Of Pro EV Chargers

There are many benefits of Pro EV Chargers some of these include :

These are just some of the many benefits of EV Chargers,  Like anything that involves your home electricity supply, an electric car home charger can be a tough installation process.

 Home installation by yourself is dangerous, whereas professional installation lets you get an electric car charging cable and port with minimal risk.

Cost Of EV Charging Ports In Thame

The cost of an EV charging port In Thame can vary between £899-£1399 this is the price including installation, however many other things factor into this price such as:

While you can charge your car at public charging stations it is essential that you have your own personal charging point at home mainly for convenience.
These prices are based on rough estimates if you would like more accurate costs to get in contact with a member of our team today.

EV Charger Installation In Thame

Installing a home charger for electric cars is a lot more complex than it might first seem. Not only are the electric connections a huge concern, but there can be a lot of health risks, from shock hazards to trip hazards.
Understanding the installation process for home chargers is important, even if you are not doing it yourself. EV charging point installation can be a very complex field, and there can be a lot of nasty surprises – especially with high-demand vehicles that require a lot of power.

Power Risks

A home charging station moves a high amount of electricity from your property to your electric car, and that charge point has limits. A poorly-connected EV charging unit can burst into flame or cause electric shocks and might even damage itself if used incorrectly.


There is also the fact that a lot of these units are cable-focused, using thicker and thicker cables to help protect the internal wiring. These can present a surprisingly major trip hazard, so proper installation also focuses on putting the system in the right place.

Our Safety Standards

Our expert staff are able to install a car charger without putting you at risk of any major safety concerns. Whether it is a private home installation or public charging station, we know how to handle the wiring correctly and safely.


Proper compliance with key regulations and restrictions is important when using an EV charging unit. Electrical connections have to be inspected for safety concerns, and energy usage has to be properly verified to make sure that your charge point is not being used incorrectly.

Our Installation Quality

A car charger needs to be safe after installation, but it also needs to follow any related certificates and reconnoitres to the letter. We can help you set up your new car charger so that it does not violate any important rules and that it remains functional for a long, long time.


The qualifications involved in the work that we do are very hard to earn, and most of our staff have had plenty of experience with multiple types of electrical systems.

An electric car and EV charging unit needs to be installed properly, safely, consistently, and without missing any steps.


All of our staff are well-trained and know exactly how to handle an EV charging station, even if the designs may differ between companies.
They can help get the maximum amount of efficiency and reliability out of any model purely through the installation alone.

Electric Vehicle Home Charging

To properly charge electric vehicles, a charging point has to be used. While an EVSE cable and a 3 pin plug socket can work as a backup option, the electric car charging cable and unit needs to be your primary choice. Only use the 3 pin plug method as a last resort.


If installed indoors or in a sheltered area, then the charging points need proper protection and safety measures put in place. Outdoor units need to be weatherproofed and waterproofed, even in dry climates.


Some chargers may be designed for specific purposes, such as Pod Point chargers using smart features and the Pod Point app. In instances like this, the Pot Point features may not be removable, meaning that you might need the Pod Point app for full functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need smart charging?

Smart charging features can make a unit cost more initially but also reduces the amount that the charging process costs overall. These features are often best used when trying to reduce how much you are paying, and they also put less pressure on the power grid as a whole.

How much power does an electric car charger use?

A charger uses a variable amount of power depending on the car, but most will draw around 7,200 watts at most. This is higher than many smaller devices but lower than appliances like an electricity-powered furnace or certain kinds of heater.

Is high consumption better?

The more power a charger consumes, the faster the vehicle charges – in theory. However, a good charger will use power more efficiently, which can make it the superior option for charging a car up and keeping power costs low.

How long does an electric car installation take?

An EV charging system might sound like it takes a while to install, but this is not actually the case. Most chargers can be installed in a single-phase session over the course of about two hours, more if there are other wiring projects that have to be completed first.

Are delays a problem?

There is always the threat of delays impacting the installation date, but we will always inform our clients if something has gone wrong. This might include us asking for key details about your situation and schedule to know when the easiest, cheapest time to visit would be.

Can I charge my car through a regular plug socket?

While you can technically charge your car through the 3 pin plug, as mentioned earlier, it is not nearly as safe or reliable as a real charger. It may not even allow your vehicle to fully charge correctly and always runs the risk of safety issues or charging failures.

Instead, use a dedicated home charge point. Whether you use a tethered charger or not, it is a much safer and more reliable option.

Can I install an electric car charger myself?

While technically you could install an electric vehicle charging unit by yourself, it can always backfire quite badly. Electric vehicles need a safe charger to ensure correct use, and EV drivers installing their own electricity supply meter for their electric vehicles could mean they damage something by accident.

Why are chargers installed in a brick or plaster wall?

A charger needs to be installed in a suitable permanent structure. Installing one on any random brick or plaster wall might cause major problems – it has to be a surface that falls under the right conditions to host a charger.

Finding the right wall involves a lot of careful measurements and inspections, something that we can easily do for all our clients.

Which home EV charger is right for you?

There is not a single ideal charger for every car or van and every situation, meaning that the one you choose depends on the specs. Some people prefer one that can fully charge their car in a short period of time, while others want to minimise the energy usage that charging their car has.

If you want smart features, then a smart charger is ideal, but not everybody actually wants those options. Choose something that offers the specifications, features and benefits that you will actually use – for example, Wi-Fi features.


EV charging is focused heavily on the car, but the charging unit is just as important. Having the right charger for something like a Nissan Leaf can be vital to using your Nissan Leaf correctly.

There is not always a handy guide to finding the perfect charger right away, so proper research is important.

Whether you are getting a charger for your home, for work or for some rental accommodation that you are renting out to others, you want the right tool for the job. Never rush through a purchase unless you know that what you are getting will work correctly.

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Whether you need the entire unit installed from scratch or the wires neatly clipped and connected, we can jump in and finish the process ourselves.

Contact us directly to learn more and talk to some of our specialists, the men and women who might be out there installing your system in only a few days’ time.

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